Automation Engineering

Analysis and Engineering

More than ever before, the foundation of successful automation projects based on a solid concept and a well thought out plan. Especially in cases of conversions of plants, retrofit measures, or shut down situations a fundamental analysis of the current situation and target-oriented engineering are the requirements for the successful completion of such projects. Quintec GmbH supports and accompanies all of these preparatory measures with much experience and high technical expertise. The following services we offer in particular.

Project management

A structured project management and the effective use of available resources are key criteria for a successful project completion. Our experienced project managers are very familiar with the current requirements in plant engineering and project business. Short project times, tight budgets – all present challenges that require creative solutions.

Right from the beginning, Quintec relies on a sound project management with support of modern software tools. Timetables, schedules, milestones, dependencies, resource planning, budget control, and a sophisticated project allocation are the basics for a successful project management.

Challenge us. As part of a complete project or as a subproject manager. Assign us to process your project, for your quality assurance, and to monitor suppliers. Requirement specifications, functional specifications, individual customer requirements, and regulations – all topics that we daily deal with. Probably soon for you too.

PLC Programming

The constantly increasing demands on automation technology require a rethinking of the programming of control software. The implementation of the very different and individual requirements within a tight budget requires a structured and creative handling of the programming tools.

QUINtec offers you extensive experience in the programming languages Siemens TIA Portal SCL, FBD, LD, IL, Siemens Classic Step 7 and Step 5 with the option packages S7-Graph, Graph 5, PID-Control, Wago CodeSys and some more. However, not only the experienced use of the programming tools is crucial for programming. Especially the understanding of the system technology to be programmed and the functional details are decisive for the quality of the system software. Our programmers have extensive experience in plant engineering from the fields of building services engineering, process engineering, conveyor technology, loading gantries, rotary tables and special machines.

With our software standard, which was specially developed for building and process engineering, we have achieved a high degree of standardization with an almost unbelievable flexibility. This enables us to implement almost any task quickly and cost-effectively. Thanks to our unique software code generator, typing errors due to “copy and paste” are outdated. An all-round well thought-out system for your individual requirements.
However, what would automation technology be without the use of different fieldbus and network systems? Quintec has already implemented bus concepts with Industrial Ethernet, OPC-UA, Profibus, Modbus, BacNet and AS-Interface.

Regular internal and external training courses keep our employees fit for the challenges of tomorrow. As a certified Siemens Solution Partner for Automation, Quintec underlines its claim to deliver high-quality software for modern automation systems. Trust in our expertise and challenge us. Get in contact with us. We will be pleased to submit you an individual offer.