Work at QUINtec

We spend a lot of time in our lives working. However, how do we define work? Necessary evil to earn money? Security in a familiar environment? Having fun in a team with colleagues and even friends? Living the vocation? What working and participating in the QUINtec team means and what QUINtec can offer you, you can find out here.

Company policy

Principles and values are no longer as important as they once were in our fast-moving times. We at QUINtec have formulated the values that are important to us in our daily work for our customers in the form of a company policy. Here you can learn more about this.


Achieving customer satisfaction through quality, adherence to delivery dates, reliability and first-class service has always been the primary goal of our activities and an integral part of our company philosophy. How we ensure the quality of our services and products in the long term, you can read here.


Since the foundation of QUINtec in 1996, the internal processes have been structured and continuously developed. A logical step was the certification of the complete company according to DIN EN ISO 9001 in 2003. Further information about our certified processes can be found here.


The QUINtec company was founded in March 1996. “Professional automation technology for the industry”, that was and still is our ambition. Some years have passed and we have constantly developed ourselves. We have collected the most important milestones here.