Design Engineering

Professional electrical engineering depends on modern systems for electrical design. Using the powerful CAE systems EPLAN P8, Eplan 5.x, Ruplan, ELCAD and Sigraph ET, we design your electrical systems according to your individual requirements, incorporating our technical know-how and experience.

Our CAE-supported electrical design is based on the circuit diagram macros developed at Quintec. These guarantee a high quality product, as design errors can be largely excluded through direct contact with the control cabinet production. Of course we are also happy to process your individual circuit diagram macros, so that you do not have to do without your factory standards and regulations. Compliance with manufacturing guidelines, international norms and company standards is a matter of course for us.

After commissioning, our customers receive high-quality, consistent and up-to-date electrical documentation in the quantity and design they require. We can also offer you the conversion of the documentation into many well-known file formats.

Take advantage of our experience in project planning and implementation of your new systems as well as for upgrading or retrofitting your existing systems.

Switchboard Fabrication

In our efficient and flexible 400 m² production workshop, we manufacture individual switchgear for you up to a feed-in capacity of 1,600 A. In doing so, we can take into account and practically implement even the most unusual customer specifications. We process components from all leading manufacturers in the electrical industry and can also individually implement complex, foreign regulations. By using modern tools and production methods, we offer you very good quality at a reasonable price. Series production is no foreign word for us. Small series up to long-term framework agreements with high quantities can be offered individually.

Technical acceptance by our customers is desired and possible at any time. However, even if our customers are prevented from doing so, no switchgear leaves the production hall without being checked. All inspection points are recorded by an acceptance system that has been tested in practice and the switchgear we manufacture can be delivered free of defects. In doing so, we constantly set ourselves new standards.

We will be pleased to take care of the protective packaging, the gentle transport and the professional installation of the switchgear for you. We work together with experienced transport companies to reduce the risk of transport damage to a minimum.

At QUINtec, the designer of the switchgear is responsible for its error-free delivery. This guarantees that any changes are immediately incorporated into the documentation and that design errors cannot occur again by direct forwarding to the design department. Regular project completion meetings with the employees responsible for production ensure a closed loop for quality improvement.

Electrical Installation

The standard-compliant, customer-specific electrical installation of industrial plants and special machines places high demands on installation personnel. Our employees meet these demands through targeted training in the field of electrical engineering and many years of experience in industrial plant construction.

Taking into account national and international standards and guidelines in connection with all safety-relevant tests, Quintec GmbH carries out all types of electrical installations. We supply all materials, components and labelling necessary for electrical installation.

After completion of the electrical installation, we issue the required test reports and certificates. A handwritten update of the circuit diagrams in case of possible changes is a matter of course for us. The completed test protocols become part of the documentation.

QUINtec Automation GmbH can offer you the following services in the field of industrial electrical installations:

Labels and Plates

With our flexible and fast engraving and marking system, we can create most marking and labelling requirements directly at our premises. We are also happy to produce individual signs and inscriptions for you based on duomatt (Resopal), aluminum mat and aluminum marking material.

Furthermore, we can label single wire, cable and hose markings, terminal markings, operating and signaling unit markings as well as plant markings for you based on unlabeled base material from all known manufacturers. We can supply individual small quantities but also large quantities for series requirements.