Company Policy

Our Policy

In today’s fast-paced world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to remain true to principles. With the pillars of our company policy, we would like to contribute to the fact that fundamental values are firmly anchored in our daily work.

1. Customer Satisfaction

We want satisfied customers at all times. Therefore, high quality of our products and services is one of the most important company goals.

2. Quality Standard

The customer sets the standard for our quality. His judgement on our products and services is decisive for our success. Through a close relationship with our customers, we strive to always realize their ideas and wishes.

3. Quality Improvement

We strive for continuous quality improvement of our products, services, work processes and working environment. We create a continuous improvement of the quality management system from the knowledge gained in our daily work.

4. Involvement of suppliers

We expect high and constant quality from our suppliers. For this reason, we work with suitable partners whose quality capability is regularly checked and assessed by us.

5. Employees

Our employees are our most valuable capital. We want motivated, flexible, efficient and highly trained employees. It is important to us to constantly promote these qualities and they are the basis for the highest customer satisfaction.

6. Trust

Trust Through our behaviour and our daily work, we want to gain and maintain trust, satisfaction and recognition from all our business partners.

7. Environment and Energy Consumption

We implement the claim not to unnecessarily burden the environment during the production of our products. We try to keep the production of CO2 gas caused by us as low as possible. In doing so, we avoid unnecessary energy consumption. Our products should also help our customers to improve the efficiency of the energy they use and thus consume as little energy as possible.