Broaden your horizon

Horizont erweitern und Mitarbeiter trainierenIn a variety of industrial nations we currently experience a rapid rethinking of the use of energy and other resources. A change right up to the society that will influence our thinking and behavior significantly. It's important to keep up with that change.

Die Quintec offers as part of their offensive

"Greater energy efficiency for industry - each MW counts",

a comprehensive portfolio of training courses and further education. These are related to the topics of reducing energy consumption and maintaining energy efficiency.

Here you can find a selection of some topics.

  • Measure energy and display energy consumption clearly
  • Consider economic efficiency and implement an economic calculation
  • Consideration of life cycle costs
  • Understand and assess plant technology (refrigeration, heating systems, cogeneration units, photovoltaic, solar thermal energy, and compressed air systems)
  • Basics of energy management systems

For the most part, internal as well as external Quintec speakers have completed a training as European Energy Manager (CCI) and they daily work in their respective areas of expertise in practice. Entirely tailored to your company's requirements, we put together a personalized training program for your employees. Please contact us at any time.


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